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Category: Profile Milling

High productivity profile milling cutter

Barrel-shaped inserts for profile milling with productivity boost



1. Large R cutting edge and multi-fl ute design for unparalleled productivity

Large R for small cusp height

Close pitch design


DCX = 20 mm, PRFRAD = 30 mm


DCX = 20 mm, R = 10 mm

            Ball endmill

2. Two kinds of barrel-shaped cutting edge profi les (PRFRAD)

1st choice
2-corner double sided insert

High productive geometry that provides a large stepover distance for reduced cusp height


2-corner double sided insert

Profiling geometry with an increased tilt angle for enhanced application versatility

3. Excellent clamping reliability with dove-tail back support

AddForceBarrel reduces the number of passes by 40% compared to ball endmill with 10 mm radius without compromising the surface quality (cusp height).

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