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Category: Endmills

Multifunctional milling cutter with center cutting edge

All-round cutter with center cutting capability provides ultimate machining versatility



1. Ultimate versatility

– With center cutting capability, a single cutter can perform a wide array of applications, enabling process and tool integrations for maximum productivity. Dovetail insert clamping ensures for high process security.

Applications capabilities with DoMultiRec

Insert size APMX (mm) Tool dia. DC (mm)
08 7 ø16
10 9 ø20
12 11 ø25

2. Maximum cost per edge for shoulder cutters with a center cutting edge

– A single insert can be used either for center edge or peripheral edge and can be used twice in each position – four total cutting edges for highest insert economy.

3. Flat hole bottom

– Easy to make hole bottoms as flat as possible. Also makes it suitable for counter boring.

Size 12

Cutter : EVLX12M025C25.0R02 (ø25 mm, z = 2)
Insert : LXMU120408PER-MM AH3225
Cutting speed Vc = 150 m/min
Feed per tooth fz = 0.07 mm/t
Hole depth : 5 mm
Overhang length : 45 mm
Coolant : Dry


Optimized bottom edge design provides hole bottom with flatness.

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